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How does a small, harmless snake survive in the dangerous forest by dressing like a candy cane?

Evolution and Creationism: A Calm and Absurd Debate

A family member recently e-troduced me to a “VERY highly respected surgeon in town who is VERY well read on evolution,” in the hopes that I might be convinced of the merits of Creationism. While some people avoid this sort of thing to prevent themselves from inappropriately elevating religious dogmatism as debatable in a scientific context (Bill Nye, for example, was lambasted for agreeing to debate evolutionary theory with Young-Earth Creationist Ken Ham), I decided to respond to the request. What follows is a calm and fact-based– if a bit ridiculous, inherently– look at this issue. I hope people find the discourse informative, particularly in order to better understand the types of arguments “Creationists” tend to make. I did my best to listen in order to understand rather than to respond throughout this chain– something sorely lacking in debates of all kinds in our country. If you’re looking for Bill Maher-esque “gotchas” you’ll be disappointed. Embarrassing people helps no one.

The “highly respected surgeon” we’ll call Sam (for Samuel Wilberforce, of course). He was very nice.